+++ newsflash +++ Contrary to the statement in the Artist York notebook's documentation, it is possible to install an up to 128 MB sized SODIMM in the memory slot, in addition to the 32 MB soldered on the main board. (128+32 MB is the limit. A 256 MB module can be used, too, but there will be only half of it accessible.)

X11 on Maxdata Artist York

Artist York

Since 1999 I use GNU/Linux on a Maxdata Artist York notebook, which is the same as Vobis Advanced S1 or Twinhead PowerSlim P90 or Topline Viator 2000 or AMS Tech TravelEx 10x. Its hardware is well supported by GNU/Linux except for the built in winmodem and for very bad video performance --- until recently.

I updated to XFree86 4.1.0 (2 June 2001) now which offers nearly complete 2D acceleration on the notebook's Trident Cyber 9388 VGA chip. It is a lot faster than XFree 3.3.x I used before. Even video quality on an external monitor has improved. I strongly recommend XFree 4.1.0 to everyone using a notebook with the mentioned chip.

Update: Linux distributors begin to ship XFree86 4.1.0 packages, so download the binary package provided by the distributor of your choice (if available) instead of the xfree86.org tarball mentioned below. That should ease the update substantially.

Here is what I did to upgrade:

If you feel xf86config is too complicated, try this XF86Config file.

Have fun with your York/ S1/ PowerSlim and enjoy the fast graphics!


created in July 2001
updated in Feb 2002, Nov 2004
Stefan Richter